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Wolfgang Hantz, HANTZ + PARTNER
 Wolfgang Hantz

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HANTZ + PARTNER GMBH, Gewerbestrasse 37, D-79194 Gundelfingen b. Freiburg, Email: info@hantz.com Freiburg
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HANTZ + PARTNER STSCG, Harbour View Ind. Park, Victoria BC V8T 1B5, Email: canada@hantz.com Victoria

Meet us at the following shows:

See you at Hannover Messe 2006
24.- 28. April 2006
Hall 7, Stand A55

See you at Systems 2006 in Munich
Systems München
23.- 27. Oktober

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Bluetooth and other wireless technologies for easy control and automation
Wireless Automation + Control from HANTZ + PARTNER

Bluetooth Stack and application development partner

Bluetooth Technology for automation and control
Zigbee technology for wireles mesh automation + control networks
Wireless Serial device servers for automation and control
Come and see the HiTEC robots dancing wireless controlled by BlueSerial Bluetooth technology
Bluetooth Dancing Robots
Dear Sirs,

Get rid of messy and tangled cables within seconds using our universal or OEM Bluetooth adapters. Control or program your devices, machines or sensors safely and comfortably. Let us show you how fast and easy it is to configure your "wireless project" at the Hannover Messe 2006, the largest industrial show worldwide. We will be exhibiting in hall 7, stand A55.
Here is the deal:

Within 60 seconds we will configure a wireless serial connection - independent of the device using a RS-232 interface. We will do this easy setup together using the serial parameters for your device and let you take the preconfigured Bluetooth adapters home for testing within your environment.

After this one-time-setup our Bluetooth adapters will connect to each other immediately after power up without any intervention, software, drivers or changes to your existing hard- or software.

We will finish our product demonstration so quickly, you will have time left for some entertainment: See our Dancing Robots controlled wirelessly by BlueSerial Bluetooth technology, performing on the Wireless Pavilion stage right next to our booth and have a chance to win one of the HiTEC robots.

I am looking forward to meeting you at the show!

Best Regards

Wolfgang Hantz 

PS: We are looking for resellers / distributors worldwide.

BlueSerial Bluetooth Adapters
Serial devices wirless connected with Bluetooth RS232 cable replacement
The serial RS-232 Interface is still very popular and thanks to the worldwide standards used in almost any industrial control and automation device, sensors, robotics a.s.o. , but cables are limiting the users freedom of movement or makes some special tasks impossible. This is where Bluetooth is the perfect wireless solution to get rid of disturbing cables. The BlueSerial Bluetooth adapters are active devices with integrated processors and could be used as a true RS-232 cable replacement solution after a one-time setup and pairing between two or more Bluetooth enabled devices. The BlueSerial adapters and OEM modules are working independant of any operating system and no software is necessary to connect even "dumb" devices such as sensors, measurement devices, automation controls a.s.o.

BlueSerial Universal high range Bluetooth adapters

The BlueSerial adapters are perfect for industrial, medical or automotive applications within building controls, measurement devices, embedded systems, robotics a.s.o. The reliable and low power consuming wireless connection allows a RS-232 cable replacement with high ranges. Because of the low radiation and highest security in data transfer, Bluetooth may be used in mediacl applications as well. The standard BlueSerial adapter comes in a matchbox sized plastic enclosure with a 9-Pin Sub-D RS-232 connector. The power could be supplied through Pin 9 from the connected device itself or using the power connector on the rear side together with a wall plug, a USB power adapter cable or a keyboard power adapter cable. The power can be injected through a special RS-232 cable as well that offers a power connector for a wall plug supporting Pin 9 with the necessary power. Another power option is using the BlueSerial adapters with integrated, rechargeable NiMH battery that lasts a working day without recharging. All our serial Bluetooth adapters and modules do not need any device driver software. After a one time setup procedure, the adapters are connecting to the paired devices immediate after power up.
Blueserial Adapters from Top: 1. Sealed version for harsh enviroments. 2. Standard Version with or without battery, 3 + 4 OEM version without and with mounting strips, 5. OEM version for PCB mount using MicroMatch connector
Serial Bluetooth Adapters
Larger picture

BlueSerial RS-232 Bluetooth adapters and OEM modules

The BlueSerial Bluetooth adapters can be used for easy, wirless connections between any device with RS-232 interface. Using a PC, notebook or PDA, USB, PCI or PCMCIA / PC-Card Bluetooth adapters can be used as well using virtual COM ports and several simultanious wireless connections. No other serial Bluetooth adapter offers the same features as the BlueSerial versions for more comfort and easy setup: Automatic detection of the connected device and pinout of the RX / TX signals. The BlueSerial adapters can be used with or without handshake so they can replace simple 2 or 3 wire connections. The one-time-configuration can be done using the wireless Bluetooth connection without any preconfiguration as well. The adapters are available in a compact plastic enclosure with or without a rechargeable battery inside or as a small sized OEM board with 9pin SUB-D or PCB mount MicroMatch connector. The versions with built in battery can supply power to connected low power devices such as sensors as well.

BlueSerial Adapter Brochure, PDF, english (1.2 MB)
BlueSerial Adapter Manual, PDF, english (1.3 MB)
BlueSerial Standard Adapter fits 90% of all wireless projects
BlueSerial Adapter in a
compact enclosure
Larger picture + more versions

BlueControl Bluetooth module with multiple I/O + Dev.-Kit

The BlueControl CLI modules are similar to the BlueOEM modules, but offers additional I/O ports to control multiple devices or analog / digital states. The BlueControl modules are ready to use in a standard 24pin DIL IC socket and ofers a ceramic or external antenna. Use the BlueControl developer board for fastest results. The board offers a 9-pin standard RS-232 port for easy setup and control and the 24pin socket for the BlueControl module. The board offers an experimental field for your additional SMT or through hole components to build your very own solution. The I/O ports are controlled using a Bluetooth RFCOMM connection. A second, simultanious connection can be used for serial data transfer. The I/O ports can be used for event activated data transfer.

BlueControl Flyer, PDF, english (228k)
BlueControl Specs, PDF, english (208k)
BlueControl Developer Board and BlueControl Module with multiple I/O
BlueControl Developerboard
and BlueControl Module

Larger picture

BlueIP65 Bluetooth Industrial adapter for harsh site conditions

The BlueSerial adapters are available in an IP65 version for harsh site conditions in a heavy duty aluminium enclosure. The BlueIP65 comes with an external, detachable antenna that offers ranges up to 300 ft. and more. Optional rechargeable battery versions are available as well.

The input voltage could be between 8 and 42 Volts DC that fits perfect for cars, trucks, boats, cranes, fork-lifts a.s.o. The enclosure offers several mounting options. The SMA antenna connector can be used with optional antenna cables to connect to high gain antennas for up to 1000 ft. range and more.

Flyer als PDF, german (124k)
BlueIP65 BlueSerial Adapter for harsh enviroment, automotive, military, aerospace
BlueIP65 Adapter ruggedized
Larger picture

BlueRail Bluetooth adapter for DIN Rail mounting

The BlueSerial adapters in DIN Rail enclosure are perfect to mount near industrial control systems using power rails. The RS-232 interface can connect direct to the control unit or be converted to RS-422 or RS-482 using another adapter.

Customer specific versions with internal RS-422 or RS-482 converters are available on request. Additional features are an extended voltage input from 8 to 42 Volts DC and the SMA antenna connector that could be used to connect to an antenna outside of shielded control cabinets

BlueRail Flyer, PDF, german (96k)
BlueRail BlueSerial Adapter for industrial and building automation
BlueRail adapter in a
DIN-Rail enclosure
Larger picture

BluePCI Blutooth PCI Card for Windows, + Windows NT or Linux

The BluePCI card makes any PC with PCI slot a wireless Access Point for an Bluetooth device. It is the perfect and very affordable solution to replace Multi-Serial adapter cards using wireless connections instead. The card connects to up to 7 Bluetooth devices or BlueSerial adapters with simultanious data transfer, using a separate virtual COM port for every connection. More BlueSerial adapters could be parked in a wait state so that complex wireless control and automation tasks can be solved with a single BluePCI card. The card is one of the very rare solutions that can be used to enable Windows NT or Linux to become Bluetooth compatible. All other Windows versions (98SE, ME, NT, 2000 and XP) are supported as well. The card comes with an external antenna and a 5 ft. antenna cable.

PCI Card Flyer, PDF, english (720k)
BluePCI: The only Bluetoth PCI Card worldwide. Supports Windows and Linux
BluePCI Bluetooth Card
supports Windows NT + Linux as well + Win98, ME. 2000, XP

Larger picture

BlueBox Bluetooth Solution for Barcode-Scanners and more

The BlueBox is one of the many customer specific solutions we designed. The BlueBox integrates a BlueSerial adapter and a high capacity rechargeable battery. The battery supports attached devices such as a barcode reader or other devices with power and transfers the data to a POS cash register or any other Bluetooth enabled device, PC, PDA or notebook..

The BlueBox is ergonomical designed and uses a belt clip to be worn on as a holster unit. The BlueBox is the perfect solution to Bluetotooth enable existing handheld serial devices such as CCD, Laser or Contact Barcode Scanners or other imeasure instrumenst such as dosimeters, speed guns or military binoculars with integrated range/angle laser systems. The BlueBox is available on special request only.

Let us know your your specific application and we will make it wireless.

Barcode BlueBox Flyer, PDF, german (540k)
BlueBox BlueSerial unit. Customer specific version with high capacity battery and belt clip
Customer specific versions
and applications
Larger picture

BlueUSB Bluetooth USB adapters for PC or Notebooks

This low cost Bluetooth USB adapters connects to any of our BlueSerial adapters as well, offering multiple serial connections using virtual COM ports. Several versions with range up to 100 feet and more are available from stock. Special versions that needs no software installed and customised versions are available as well. Multiple serial connections to our BlueSerial adapters are the perfect upgrade from Multi-Serial Cards using wires.

The software used with our USB Bluetooth adapters has the same "Look and Feel" as the configuration software included with our BlueSerial adapters so you will feel familiar within the first seconds.

In addition, the Microsoft Bluetooth driver is supported as well for free since Windows XP SP 2. More Bluetooth profiles allows the connection to the LAN or Internet services, your mobile phone, headsets and more Bluetooth devices such as keyboard, mouse a.s.o.

PC-Card / PCMCIA Bluetooth adapters are available as well for easy access to any of our BlueSerial adapters.
BlueUSB Bluetooth adapters using the same software and look and feel as all other BlueSerial products
USB Bluetooth adapter
Larger picture
BlueSerial PicoCard für PCMCIA and PC-Card Slots
PC Card Bluetooth adapter
Larger picture
Bluetooth Dancing HiTEC Robots

Meet us during the HANNOVER MESSE from 24.-28. April 2006 in Hall 7, Stand A53 within the Wireless Pavilion and see our Dancing HiTEC Robots with Bluetooth inside.

A preview of the show is available as a Windows Media Player Video and one of the HiTEC Robots could be yours:

Just send us your wireless project request using the form below or drop your business card at our booth during the show.

No time to visit us during Hannover Messe? - Than see the Dancing Robots video here:
Robot Video

Come and see the HiTEC robots dancing wireless controlled by BlueSerial Bluetooth technology
HiTEC Robotics by
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